Probus Record Access order pages compliment your website and orient your customer. Graphics blend with your originating web pages. Our goal is to make the customer experience easy, - not monetize your link by advertising additional services and bundling with additional private sector profit generating services.

Your customers pay a much lower processing fee, in most cases more than 30% lower.  Our fees are lower because your customers pay only for processing services, - not for advertising by the processor, or for structured commissions to commercial entities for directing their orders to the processor.

The images below compare your customers' experience through our ordering gateway to ChoicePoint/VitalChek's. Click on each image to enlarge.

Probus Record Access


Originating Government Link Originating Government Link

Order process immediately begins. Originating site graphics retained. Links back to originating site retained. Customer selects certificate type. Customer is subjected to generic national order page. ChoicePoint and ChoicePoint partner products advertisted.

Customer completes order on this page. Links back to originating site retained for their reference. Customer information is destroyed after administrative hold period.

Order completed on page 2.
Customer subjected to generic and repeated textual information already provided on originating site. ChoicePoint advertising repeated.

Customer, who started order process at county site, again must select county from a generic format.  ChoicePoint advertising continued.

Customer arrives at order stage immediately presented on the Probus gateway.  Generic format and ChoicePoint advertising continued.

Customer faces textual information presented for a third time. ChoicePoint advertising continued. Customer has five day deadline to complete order.  ChoicePoint harvests the customer's personal information for its commercial purposes.

(Administrators note:  Lack of system integration requires processor to match order information submitted up to five days after initial order.) 

After this page,  Customer goes to another page to choose order method, then another for shipping information and then yet another for payment.

Order completed on page 8 of ChoicePoint/VitalChek system.
ChoicePoint/VitalChek images captured 12/21/05.

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