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Data 'fear factor'

Identity thefts lead to suits; defining damages is at issue.

National Law Reporter
By Tresa Baldas
Staff reporter
May 9, 2005

The recent wave of personal data thefts from companies across the United States has lawyers bracing for a new round of lawsuits over how businesses safeguard the information.

Attorneys say "fear factor" and negligence lawsuits are starting to hit the courts. Consumers are suing companies for being careless with their personal data, causing it to get lost or stolen and triggering fears of identity theft.

Most recently, four consumer lawsuits were filed against ChoicePoint Inc., which said in February that it accidentally sold personal data on 145,000 consumers to identity thieves.

The suits, which have been consolidated in federal court in Los Angeles and are requesting class action status, seek monetary, statutory and punitive damages, in...

ID Data Conned From Firm

ChoicePoint Case Points to Huge Fraud
By Robert O'Harrow Jr.
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 17, 2005; Page E01

One of the nation's biggest information services has begun warning more than 100,000 people across the country they may be targets of fraud, following disclosures the company inadvertently sold personal and financial records to fraud artists apparently involved in a massive identity theft scheme.

ChoicePoint Inc. electronically delivered thousands of reports containing names, addresses, Social Security numbers, financial information and other details to people in the Los Angeles area posing as officials in legitimate debt collection, insurance and check-cashing businesses.

At least 700 victims have had their mailing addresses changed, apparently by people connected to the scheme, authorities said. Identity thieves often change the addresses of victims in order to gain control of credit card offers...

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